Cupcake Mama is a locally owned cupcake and custom cake shop catering to all Edmontonians. Here, we are very passionate to every whip of icing, every scrape of batter, and every swirl of delicious icing! We started in 2016, with just requests from family and friends. We have decided to take it to the next level and have everyone experience the real, simple, and divine cakes and cupcakes that we offer. 
We only use the best ingredients for your sweet treats. No shortening, no artificial flavoring, just real ingredients like how our Mama used to make it!
We are very blessed to be working side by side with Maka Eatery and with the Don Wheaton YMCA for supporting our little store.
Guaranteed that our cakes and cupcakes are made fresh every time, personally handcrafted by yours truly, delicious with every bite, and will add a smile to everyone's beautiful faces! 
Baking with Love,
Stephanie and Himanshu

Downtown, Edmonton

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